Shalom Aged Care


Toowoomba, Australia

AU$ 10.5m

Completed 2010


Project Description:

Project Team: Lester Ehrlich, Deneth Peiris, Gemma Watson, James Ting, Helen Wang, Jau Woi Sia, Amanda Brown.

The new Shalom Aged Care Facility replaced the old Rangehaven Nursing Home, which was converted from a motel into a convalescent home in 1970.  It no longer served the needs of its residents, hence the design and construction of this new centre.

Shalom is a high-end, low care aged facility, better able to provide its residents with a wider range of lifestyle options than the old nursing home. It features 100 beds with 40 low care and 60 high care rooms, as well as a dementia unit.

The development steers away from a clinical atmosphere in favour of more homely environment. Support functions include a hairdresser, coffee shop and computer library. The chapel is wired to allow residents to enjoy services from the comfort of their own rooms.


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