Helping our Clients obtain high quality project outcomes. 

Our full service encompasses all aspects of a project from inception to completion, including inspection during construction. This ensures a high degree of certainty in your project outcome.


Helping our Clients obtain quality outcomes even with limited input. 

We are able to tailor our services to suit your needs and budget. If you decide that the full architectural service is not for you, we can offer select services to provide as much assistance and guidance for your project as required.


Helping our Clients achieve the best possible design solution. 

Our diverse team of designers, who all have many years of design experience, are here to assist you in realising your dreams. We do this through mindful and creative interpretation of your ideas, so that the outcomes reflect your intentions as closely as possible, all the while providing valuable insights that will assist in saving you money and adding value.


Helping our clients meet legislative, planning and construction requirements.

Through every stage of the design process, our team can produce documentation to meet the needs of certifiers, planners and consultants, providing a clear interpretation of your vision. We strive to produce construction documentation that fully assists building contractors execute successfully on your project.


Helping our Clients obtain the building they have paid for. 

ELIA Architecture has experienced Architects on our staff who are competent and capable in the management of construction projects. They will oversee the construction of your project from beginning to end – manage the contract, monitor building quality, budget and programme – and will make sure you get what you have paid for.


Helping our Clients establish whether their project is viable.

We can undertake Feasibility Studies for your project or development to assess viability and practicality. We can also assist you in developing other project documentation such as a strategic briefs, site appraisals, environmental impact assessments, historical archives, project budgets and programmes.


Helping our Clients create Successful Places. 

ELIA Architecture can provide master planning advice for you at the time when the creation of unique places is being considered through the careful integration of buildings and space. We are able to explore the built form in relation to many external factors such as history, culture and landscape whilst also carefully addressing the economic and financial realities of the development.


Helping our Clients obtain peace of mind.

We can provide expert advice for your project. This may include reviewing documentation, assisting you in resolving project disputes or simply providing a greater understanding of the construction process.


Helping our clients get that ‘wow’ factor for their project. 

As a matter of course, we will co-ordinate each space of your building with the proposed fittings, furnishings and services to get the very best outcome for you. We are able to save you time and money in wasted effort whilst at the same time increasing the value of your building.


Helping our Clients create working environments that perfectly suit their unique workforce. 

At ELIA Architecture we work closely with fitout specialists at the design stage thus ensuring a quality outcome that is delivered on time and within budget (where this is within our control). We can also assist with needs assessment, concept design, fit-out design, IT management, internal change management, relocation planning and client communications.


Helping our Clients get maximum Value for Money. 

We work diligently at making sure that our clients get maximum value for every dollar they spend on their projects – at both a product and service level.

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