McNab Offices

RAIA Regional Award Winner 2008

Toowoomba, Australia

AU$ 4.5m

Completed 2006


Project Description:

The McNab building is a modern office building constructed on an old industrial site on the fringe of the Toowoomba CBD. It was designed as the head office for a major building contractor. The building provided a high standard of design and finish and helped to raise the profile of offices in the local area.

The design philosophy was to provide a building that reflected its use, status and role, while also providing maximum space for occupants in an environment that was conducive to elevating morale and self-esteem for both staff and visitors.

The design maximised the site, with the building reflecting the scale of adjacent buildings while still creating a presence for itself. The building siting reinforced the streetscapes, especially the corner, which presents as the main entry

The building design limited the amount of glazing facing the west while any large panels were protected by sunscreens to shade windows and provide solar and visual privacy from the west/street. The client wished to harvest rainwater to supplement uses within and outside the building and so rainwater for use on gardens and for washing, is stored on-site under a ramp.

The form and finish reflected the client’s desire for an iconic ‘head office’. The development used honed coloured concrete precast panels, feature wall tiles, aluminium panels and sun control louvers to create a modern building aesthetic. There is lift access to basement car park and two levels of office accommodation.


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