Len Patti Mitsubishi Showroom


RAIA Regional Award Winner 2009

Toowoomba, Australia

AU$ 1.5m

Completed 2006


Project Description:

This was a contemporary facility designed to show new and used vehicles as well as provide allied administration services for Len Patti Mitsubishi in Toowoomba.

The site is in a prominent corner location on Herries and Prescott Streets in a precinct of opposition car dealerships.  Len Patti Showroom continued a repositioning of vehicle sales out of the ‘main street’ of Toowoomba.  The addition of this building strengthened the precinct and it related with ease to neighbouring dealerships

Offering a high degree of exposure, the building was designed to capture the potential of its site.  The showroom is elevated to the street corner, the dramatic form overlooking the outdoor display.

Car Showroom Design:

The striking, modern, two-storey office with showroom space to the street frontages   provided a great venue in which to market vehicles. The building is easily accessible, providing several points of entry and exit addressing the streets and outdoor displays.  It fits into the streetscape and projects a corporate identity in a unique manner.

Internally the building promotes a spacious well-lit display with discrete but effective salesperson viewing.  The board room, major office space and staff room are located upstairs. Group financial and business offices were built to the western boundary with views and visibility provided within the building.

RAIA Citation:

Len Patti Mitsubishi Showroom by ELIA Architecture: “This showroom is a skilful interpretation of the car showroom as retail space. Administration and selling is contained within a simple two- storey rectangular building wedged against the boundary. The showroom is a 1.5 to two storey angled space oriented to the view-lines of the road. The building is polished yet understated with a scale that suits both the movement of the passing traffic and the quiet contemplation of an imminent purchase.”


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