Heritage Bank Tower, Toowoomba


Toowoomba, Australia

AU$ 3.2m

Completed 2014


Project Description:

This 1984 building that houses the Head Office of Heritage Bank was updated through a modest, cosmetic external refurbishment.

The upgrade involved the re-cladding of the existing Granosite structure at ground level. Granite slabs were applied on the columns up to 1800 high. Above this, the Granosite was re-clad with Alucobond up to the podium level.

External Refurbishment:

The Ruthven St Façade incorporates a new glass curtain wall and awning over the footpath. The awning glass has been embellished with a leaf motif which produces a fluctuating pattern on the footpath and also helps disguise any dirty glass.

The upgrade also included new signage, the painting of the existing precast fibreglass panels on the tower and the refurbishment of the public amenities.


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