Crows Nest RSL


Crows Nest, Australia

Client: Toowoomba Regional Council

AU$ 2.4m

Completed 2010


Project Description:

Crow’s Nest’s central square is bordered by buildings with facades that lend a ‘movie-set-like’ character to the space. These are all fine example of early 20th century architecture and have remained largely unchanged for many years.  The new Centre, which replaces the old RSL building, adds to this atmosphere and with its ‘country town’ character, strengthens the framing of the square.

After extensive discussions with, and feedback from, community and user groups alike, the functions required in the building were confirmed and the facility designed.  The centre includes a hall seating 350 with stage lighting and sound facilities.  Also included are RSL rooms, a dining area with commercial kitchen, two meeting rooms and space for a café and youth centre.

For the RSL, the visual link between the WWII monument in the building and Great War monument in the square was important – and this has been maintained.

Environmentally sustainable design solutions include the collection of water from the roof for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation in this community architecture project.  Sanitary fittings have been selected for low water usage and waterless urinals have been installed.

Benefits of similar projects have proven to be immense; this building is used extensively by the Crow’s Nest Community.


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