Amaroo Environmental Education Centre


Toowoomba, Australia

Client: Department of Education

Completed 2020

Project Description:

The Amaroo EEC is one of twenty-five Outdoor and Environmental Centres operated by the Qld Department of Education. Our new classroom showcases active and passive environmental features, and has been designed in accordance with Green Star – Design & As Built requirements, and is expected to be rated 5 Star (Australian Excellence) or 6 Star (World Leadership), once the Green Star submission is evaluated.

Based on a simple plan form, the building has both passive sustainable design elements, as well as active elements.  Passive elements include solar design (orientation, window location and sizing, & eaves sizing), natural ventilation (the building does not require air-conditioning), and thermal mass elements.  Active elements include solar hot water, PV cells and battery, and rain water recycling.

Future elements, to be added as funding allows, include a wind generator, and a section of green roof.  Materials selected showcase leading environmentally sound products, including EcoFriendly concrete (no Portland cement), low VOC paints, recycled timber and cabinetry, linoleum, and a rammed earth wall.  Sensors are located in the structure, and all data is captured and available as a teaching resource.


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