7 Springs Medical Centre


Toowoomba, Australia

AU$ 9.4m

Completed 2013


Project Description:

Opened in August 2013, the Seven Springs Medical Centre addressed the perceived lack of medical services in South Toowoomba and with its close proximity to the University of South-East Queensland, it serves as a major teaching facility.

The centre consists of a series of small doctors’ practices with allied health and dental support, and a small café, all of which are becoming destinations within the community.

Discrete Design

The building has a public face with a defined entry and a simple but effective public circulation spine, which is flanked by associated private spaces. It is in essence a series of small practices within an “internal street”. This allows for generally discrete waiting areas which maintain a human scale.

Reception areas are colour coded to assist in way finding and recognition. Alternate exits via courtyards have been provided from some consulting rooms to assist with staff and patient safety. The building can progressively be shut down during the day, whilst still functioning fully.

Pandemic Outbreak

The centre has been identified as suitable for use in a “pandemic outbreak” to vaccinate the community in a drive through application.


Eco Design Principles

The building collects rainwater for use in toilets and on centre gardens, whilst site stormwater runoff is collected for use in neighbours’ gardens. Hot water is heated by natural gas. Public spaces are naturally ventilated and allow winter sun to penetrate.


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