TRC Waste Transfer Facility

About the project

With Toowoomba’s Second Range Crossing impacting on the location of the original Waste Transfer Facility, the Toowoomba Regional Council decided to invest in a completely new state-of-the-art facility at Charlton to serve the city and environs.

Elia Architecture was engaged as part of the consultant team to design the office block and the various lunchrooms and toilet facilities which are located throughout the many buildings that make up the complex.

Due to the industrial nature of the project and the possibility of limited future maintenance, we designed robust buildings with low maintenance finishes. We also kept colours and materials consistent across the project, which helps unify the very different scale of the separate buildings.

We were also able to re-work the preliminary design for the office black so as to make it more efficient and pleasant to work in.

Key Information

Completed: End 2015
Cost: $ 23,000,000
Location: Toowoomba, QLD
Project Team: Chris Gay, Brandon Marangelli; Tim Turner; Liehan van Rensburg