Clifton Medical Centre

About the project

Clifton is a small rural community between Toowoomba & Warwick. It is well served by community infrastructure. The new Medical Centre is on land owned by the Clifton Co-Op Hospital and managed by the local community board. Clifton township has a great array of classic and interesting buildings; it has a great country charm.

The new medical building uses a palette of brick, glass, timber and tin which is common throughout the town. It provides its own identity within the hospital complex and wider community. It reflects a community architecture that is rich, varied and shows a proud history of commerce and civic pride. The project is positioned to allow future expansion if required. It caters for local GPs, visiting medicos, allied health professionals, tele-health in 7 Consult Rooms + 2 bed Treatment facility. It has a raised Reception and patient control point with staff areas and the patient areas separate. The layout manages the Public and Private aspects well and offers staff a safe work environment. It collects roof water in an underground tank and has a generator for emergencies. The parking areas cater for the Breastscreen bus to use the site separately to the medical practice.

The client wanted a facility that not only provided more technology but offered young GPs a modern facility to work in. It is hoped the building will assist with the retention of young doctors within the community.

The building cost approximately $2,950 / m2 for construction and fitout, excluding loose furniture.

Key Information

Completed: 2016
Location: Clifton, QLD
Project Team: Lester Ehrlich, David Laws, Deneth Peiris, Graham Mudge
Photography by Peter Denyer Photography