Brandon Marangelli

Architecture Student - Brisbane - Click a heading to read more.

Brandon started working in a part-time capacity at ELIA Architecture in December 2014 at the end of his second year in the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree. He continued on to complete the degree in November 2015. In March 2017, he’ll return to university to complete the Masters of Architecture Degree.

Living to the motto, “a day in which you do not learn something is a day wasted”, Brandon is enjoying his time in the working gap year. He finds the office environment mentally stimulating and his learning continues everyday through interaction with other staff and hands-on project experience.

Bachelor of Architectural Design (University of Queensland)

Ergon Energy Depot Upgrade, Toowoomba
New Waste Transfer Facility for the Toowoomba Regional Council, Toowoomba
Heritage Bank Tenancies throughout Queensland
New Memory Support Unit, Brodribb Home, Toowoomba
Endoscopy Unit, Toowoomba Hospital