Bellevue Park SS Performing Arts Hall

About the project

The Performing Arts Hall at the Bellevue Park State School, Southport has delivered exceptional liveability to its users since its completion in 2009.

Designed by Chris Gay, whilst at Philip Follent Architects, the hall is used for multi-purpose activities with a bias towards the performing arts.

Throughout the design of the hall, Chris integrated passive Ecologically Sustainable Design principles such as:

• low and high level natural ventilation, for cooling
• the use of natural lighting, enhanced by the sloped hall ceiling
• water saving sanitary-ware
• the use of sustainable finishes such as linoleum on the floors, and
• extensive rainwater harvesting

The location of the building on the site allows the hall to flow out through covered areas to an adjacent lawn and under-croft area below a teaching block. This extended space easily accommodates large school functions. The hall is linked to its adjacent covered areas by bi-fold doors thus also allowing for overflow seating.

This fine example of a building functioning exceptionally well in its environment, highlights how successful ELIA Architecture is in incorporating relevant, cost-effective principles of integrated passive design into their work.

Through working creatively with natural light and ventilation, sun shading, building orientation and appropriate materials, Elia Architecture has delivered a building which is low maintenance, energy efficient and environmentally responsive.

Stage 1 was completed in 2005. Stage 2 consisting of covered out-door areas, amenities, additional storage spaces and acoustic elements and air-conditioning for the hall (intended mainly for hot, sultry summer evening performances) was completed in 2009.

Key Information

Completed: End 2009
Cost: $ 690,000.00
Location: Bellevue Park, Gold Coast, QLD
Project Team: Chris Gay, Meeru Sahni, Sue Gay