Providing Excellence in Architectural Design whilst maintaining a high degree of Marketability and Buildability

Our approach to our work is basic and simple. We are “hands-on architects” who believe in giving our clients personal service in design and documentation and in nurturing every project until its completion.

We believe our personal experience is what clients pay for and therefore, should receive.

Our team consists of architects and drafting staff with field experience in the building industry supported by the latest technology.

The “Cultural Machine”
We merge the efficiencies of contemporary architectural science with the values of the cultural identity

We believe an Australian building should be unmistakably Australian and should be built in the most up-to-date methods and materials available.
The ongoing growth and successes that the Brisbane Office has enjoyed can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of a great team, both past and present.

We recognise:
Amanda Brown; Aaron Schirrer; Brandon Marangelli; Chris Gabbie; Chris Gay; David Laws; Deneth Peiris; Duy Nguyen; Gemma Watson; Graham Mudge; Helen Wang; James Ting; Jau Woi Sia; Lester Ehrlich; Liddy Pearson; Lyn Ehrlich; Richard Yang; Simon Philips; Steven Hodgson; Tamasin McArthur; Tom Coulter.


At Elia Architecture Brisbane, we pride ourselves in offering our clients a quality service that reflects our many years of experience.

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Experience is the essential element of our success. Completing many hundreds of projects since our inception in 1998, our dedicated approach to our work has earned a number of awards over the years as well as many satisfied repeat clients.

Personal Attention ensures that our clients receive the maximum benefit of our experience. With company directors personally involved in each project, we are able to maintain a high level of quality assurance and ensure our designs are cost effective, builder friendly and aesthetically interesting.

We listen to our client’s needs and respond in a timely manner. This process is both responsive and inclusive.

Competitive Fees are the key to any successful business. Elia Architecture offers realistic fee ranges on a lump sum basis.

International Staff Network in Australia and South East Asia means that deadlines are met. Using the latest technology and modem facilities, staff in South East Asia can be drawn upon to accommodate extraordinary building programs in Australia and vice versa.